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Welcome To AMONG Foundation

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  • Tuesday, December 09 2014 @ 12:58 PM EST
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AMONG is a non-profit (501c3) organization based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. AMONG works among the people of Mongolia to:
  • Advance the cause of freedom and democracy, and
  • Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We refer to this two-fold mission as Faith and Freedom.

AMONG's principal work in Mongolia takes place through Eagle Television. Eagle TV is the first independent television station in Mongolia, and the only local TV station on the Asian continent airing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In addition to its television work through Eagle TV, over the years AMONG has provided humanitarian and educational assistance to the Mongolian people through cooperative partnerships.

When Mongolia needed modern anesthesia equipment, AMONG responded. When the police department needed uniforms and badges early in their democracy, AMONG responded. When the country had literally no vegetable seeds, AMONG responded. When Mongolia needed training for veterinary staff to battle emerging Livestock diseases, AMONG responded. When Mongolian schools wanted American textbooks to help them learn English and world history, AMONG responded. We have distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical supplies. We have provided 60,000 shoe boxes of special gifts to Mongolia's children.

More than 70,000 people have been reached in Mongolia through AMONG's Christian service. It has also facilitated the growth of the television industry, setting the standard for objective news, political debate through television, and independent journalism. Through its creation and operation of Eagle TV, AMONG has helped advance free speech, free press, and freedom of religion in Mongolia.

Be a part of what God is doing in Mongolia. Explore our site to learn more.

Miracles In Mongolia

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  • Tuesday, December 09 2014 @ 02:12 PM EST
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    "In 1991, after 70 years of Soviet domination, the Mongolians secured their freedom in a bloodless democratic revolution. At that time I was pleased to encourage Craig Lawrence and his ministry team to take responsibility—as God would lead—to make the name of Christ and the joy of salvation know to these people at the ends of the earth. I have followed their ministry with interest and have shared joyfully with them in what God has done in Mongolia."

-Bill Bright
Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ, International

"As we began this improbable, seemingly impossible mission in Mongolia, our hearts were faint. Yet miracle after miracle pushed us forward until we were grounded in rock solid assurance that He did, indeed, want to build Eagle TV. Now, as we look back, we realize these miracles were not given to us alone. No, they are a gift from God to all believers whom he has called to attempt the impossible in His name. May God richly bless you and encourage you as you read about the Miracles in Mongolia."

- Board of Directors, AMONG Foundation and Eagle Broadcasting Company